Expand your zoo and welcome the walrus!

upnews_1348565621.pngNeed more space to house your latest finned, furry or feathered friends? We've got a new zoo expansion for you with out latest My Free Zoo update - plus two great new animals: the walrus and the lynx!
The large walrus might seem rather slow and clumsy on land, but once inside its element water, it is a fierce and cunning hunter. Thanks to today's update, you can get this beautiful marine mammal for your water enclosures as well. Best get a few of these, though: walruses are social social animals and prefer living in groups.


Next to the walrus, the lynx will make its way to your zoos as payment special: you'll be able to get the beautiful feline hunter for free with each payment from 10€ for a limited period of time.

Further info required? Then either sign in on My Free Zoo directly, or check out our forum announcement!
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