Claws of Doom - Haast's Eagle has Landed!

Legends tell of a fearsome bird that terrorized the Maori people of New Zealand... now, this winged terror is coming to your zoo!

Today's patch will take us out on a hunt for a long lost, and unfortunately extinct, but not yet forgotten animal species: Haast's Eagle.

With its weight of 15kg, and a wingspan of up to 3 meters, Haast's Eagle was the largest bird of prey of the Modern Era.

This fearsome apex predator was named for the German biologist Julius von Haast, who lent his name to quite a few places, plants and species in New Zealand. Haast's Eagle is believed to have died out in the 15th century, along with its primary source of food, the Moas. It is believed to have attacked prey at speeds up to 80 km/h, allowing it to strike with such force that even prey up to 15 times larger than itself could be taken down.

Effective immediately, the paleontologists in your Natural History Museum can hunt for the remains of Haast's Eagle.

Once your paleontologists have collected enough fossil pieces, the Haast's Eagle Skeleton can be displayed in your zoo or museum exhibition.

From then on, your lab workers will able to work on extracting DNA from additional fossil pieces and creating animal pieces.

Once brought to life, Haast's Eagle can kept in GrasslandSavanna and Rock enclosures and grants 52,000 popularity.

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