A new friendly marine mammal for your zoo!

upnews_1345814147.pngWith today's game update, a very unique animal will make its way to My Free Zoo: as of today, you'll be able to buy a beautiful, friendly Manatee for your water enclosures. 
Manatees are largely herbivorous and spend large parts of their days quietly dozing underwater. Your visitors are sure to be transfixed by their calm grace!


As exclusive payment item, you'll now be able to also get the fascinating, but reclusive okapi.


Also, you'll now be able to send mass mails to friends and organization members (with a limit of 10 recipients), to help you convey urgent news to several friends or organization members at the same time.

For further information on all our updates as always, please visit the game forum - or better even: stop by in your very own free zoo and check them out right away!
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