My Free Farm 2 Browser Release

It doesn't matter if you're a die-hard fan of the app, or just a new gamer looking for the perfect farming game - My Free Farm 2 is for everyone! Now you can enjoy the hit game in your browser or on the go!

Ah, the countryside! Nestled between a small river and a beautiful forest, your farm lies far off from the stress of city life. Grab a glass of fresh-squeezed apple juice, sit back in your rocking chair and enjoy the sounds of country life. The wind rustling through the fields of wheat, chickens clucking contently in the distance and the joyful barks of the farm dog as it chases the cat.

You can now establish your own farm right in the comfort of the browser in My Free Farm 2. Already playing the app? No problem, you can simply log in to an existing app account and continue the farm fun in your browser.

Enjoy the spectacular 3D setting as you serve customers, make deliveries, decorate your estate, process your farm fresh produce into quality goods, and explore a wealth of exciting features, from restoring a run-down lumberjack cabin over rescuing orphaned fawns to opening your own bistro!

No download or Flash Player required. Check it out now!

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My Free Farm 2
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