Browser Version of My Free Circus now Available!

upjers' Circus App is now a Cross-Platform Game.
Bamberg, October 19, 2016. The renowned developer and publisher of browser games, upjers, is now offering a browser version of My Free Circus (https://myfreecircus.upjers.com/en/) for the anglophone world, allowing English-speaking players to play the amusing circus games at home on their computers as well. Training performers, putting on shows and taking care of visitors are only some of the amazing activities My Free Circus players can now enjoy on desktops and laptops, too. Neither a Flash nor a Unity plug-in is necessary to play. The vibrant circus game is now open to browser gamers, and gives app users an alternative way to manage their circus world. That now makes the gaming app My Free Circus a cross-platform game! Of course, the browser game has all the same diversity of circus animals, performers and features as the app version. The circus grounds can be rotated by a full 360 degress using the mouse, allowing players to admire their big top and buildings from all angles. If you want to fascinate audiences with talented performers and breathtaking shows, the browser game My Free Circus is just the thing for you! Register for the English version here: https://en.upjers.com/my-free-circus
My Free Circus
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