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My Fantastic Park – Questions and Answers about the Exciting Theme Park Game!

In My Fantastic Park you build a huge, colorful, friendly and happy theme park. Lots of tasks await you. You build attractions, take care of the well-being of your visitors, keep the attractions in good condition and repair them, clean up the trash and water the plants in your theme park. That's a lot to do, so you might need help along the way.

That's why we've got answers to a lot of frequent questions about the attractions, visitors and friends in the game. We also have a few tips for your career as an amusement park director.

  • Expand your park, clear out obstacles and make room for more than 50 attractions, lots of stands and a lot of decorations for your visitors!
  • Delight seniors, women, kids and men with the right rides and booths for each group!
  • Make lots of friends in the amusement park game and help each other out. Visit their amusement parks, repair the rides, water the flowers and clear away the trash. And don't worry: of course there are great rewards for doing so!

There's a lot of information here in the game FAQ about finding friends. You'll find everything you need to watch out for in order to get really enthusiastic and satisfied visitors, how to fulfill their special wishes and upgrade attractions as well as the best way to expand your park and earn more money.

Design your very own virtual theme park and discover cool amusement park attractions like roller coasters, haunted houses, crazy carousels or Ferris wheels. Make all your My Fantastic Park visitors smile!