Flags Galore in Molehill Empire

Green Valley hasn't been spared from the soccer craze - pieces of flags have been turning up in the fields, and there are points to be earned

The European Championship has begun, and the gnomes now have more than enough to with their two favorite activities - gardening and soccer!

Luckily, the two aren't mutually exclusive - with a bit of luck, you'll find flag pieces to support your favorite team while harvesting your fields.

All 24 participating nations have a crop associated with them. When you harvest that country's crop, you have a chance to find a random amount of flag pieces - collect 200 of them to earn a mole with that country's flag for your trophy cabinet.
If you manage to collect all 24 moles, you'll even get a special trophy!

It gets even better though - these items will also grant you daily points when clicked on in your trophy cabinet depending on how far the respective team makes it in the European Championship!

Find out more in the forums, or head right on over to the game to get started!

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