Apple Hunt on Molehill Empire!

upnews_1349942716.pngWhich scatterbrained gnome is responsible for scattering the hay on the entire apple-harvest? Help us search the hay for apples and trade in your collected apples for amazing bonus-items on Molehill Empire!  
The apple in the top menu of Molehill Empire will lead you directly to our big Apple Hunt.


Until October 22nd you'll be able to collect apples here every day and trade them in for great bonus items, such as the cheeky Cheshire Apple or the funny Apple Man.

upnews_1349943096.jpg upnews_1349943114.jpg upnews_1349943136.jpg

Additionally, you'll be able to click the wheelbarrow-gnome in Green Valley once per day and grab 1-10 apples from his cart.

Happy Apple-Hunting!
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Let's go!