Kapi Hospital - Pack your bags - the movers are here!

Pack up your hospital equipment and reallocate your rooms: thanks to the brand-new movers, you'll now be able to redesign your entire hospital!

Christmas hasn't come yet, but we've already fulfilled one of your wishes: thanks to our latest Kapi Hospital patch, all diligent doctors can now hire the assistance of our brawny movers for 168 hours at a time.

Once the movers are hired, you've got a total of 7 days to remove all rooms placed in your hospital to your blueprints, and place them at a spot that is more to your liking. Thus, you'll be able to restructure your entire hospital as you like it. 

Below the personnel office, a countdown timer next to the construction team will show you how much time you have left.

Note: unclean rooms as well as rooms that still contain patients cannot be moved!

Let's move on!



Tags: Kapi Hospital, movers, reallocate rooms, redesign hospital
Kapi Hospital
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