Kapi Hospital - Sort your medicine cabinet as you like it!

upnews_1350897160.pngOrganized people are just too lazy to look for their stuff they say... well, if that goes for you as well, then we've got just the thing for you: thanks to our new sorting function, you can now sort the remedies on your medicine cabinet as you like so you'll be able to reach them nice and easy when you need them.
Keeping track of the more than 100 funny remedies on Kapi Hospital - from barbecued behinds to wholesome hormones - is not an easy feat. Thanks to our new, individual shelf sorting, you'll now have the remedies right where you want them. Prefer to sort them alphabetically - or rather according to the treatment room they can be used in? That's entirely up to you!
All you need to start sorting is click the following button, which you'll find on the top right of your shelf:


Check our our new feature now on Kapi Hospital UK and Kapi Hospital US!


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