Kapi Hospital - Aliens over Sniffleton!

Rebate campaign: Use Dr. Kievel's services and have him send out alien vessels to abduct unsuspecting citizens: you'll reap the rewards in the form of extra patients the day after!

To celebrate the anniversy of Yuri Gagarin's first outer space mission (April 12th 1961), as well as the extraordinary deeds of his successors that are serving bravely on the International Space Station (ISS), you'll be able to book alien-invasions at Dr. Knievel's in Fractureford for hT instead of Coins this week!


Use this chance to get yourselves an extra load of new patients until April 14th (CEST) Now on Kapi Hospital!

Tags: Kapi Hospital, Dr. Knievel, alien invasion, alien abduction, patients, Fractureford
Let's go!