Floppy Ears and Abnormally Long Teeth

Professor Fluffling is bouncing around the hospital with just a bit more than the usual spring in his step, and the kitchen staff are furious because their carrots keep mysteriously disappearing. But the good professor is hardly the only one - patients with floppy ears and serious chewing problems due to their overlarge teeth have been swarming in as well.

Just in time for Easter, patients have been flooding in with strange lapine diseases - Bunny Ears and Rabbit Teeth. These patients require special treatment administered in carefully engineered Easter Rooms.

Your grateful patients will reward you with Chocolate Bunnies until April 6th at 11:59pm CEST. Collect them to earn fantastic prizes, including Dr. Hoppleton for your treasure chest, miracle pills, experience points and even a booster to HospiDollars earned!

Happy Easter!


Tags: Kapi Hospital, Easter, Chocolate Bunnies
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