Bunny Ears and Rabbit Teeth? Easter must be here!

Strange patients have been hopping into your hospital, complaining of long ears and monstrous teeth...

Professor Fluffling is all abuzz with Easter spirit. When he's not busy hiding eggs all over the hospital, he's overseeing the construction of the special Easter rooms, which have proven necessary considering the recent influx of patients with strange lapine diseases... Patients with unusually long and floppy ears are lounging around the waiting room, while others with rather impressive teeth are hop-skipping around the hallways asking the nurses for carrots...

From now until

April 12th at 11:59 CEST

you will be able to treat patients with Bunny Ears and Rabbit Teeth in special Easter Rooms. These rooms can be purchased in the event interface for 100 hD. Treatment times can be halved (but don't have to be!) with special Easter medications:

Bunny Ears can be treated with Fuzzy Hats (10 for 1 Coin)
Rabbit Teeth can be treated with Tooth Files (10 for 2 Coins)

If you have any leftover Christmas medications, these will be converted to Easter medications - you'll find them on your shelf when the event begins.

Grateful cured Easter patients will reward you with Easter Eggs.

Earn yourself great prizes:

250 Eggs - Evil Century Egg
500 Eggs - Miracle Pills x50
750 Eggs - 2.5% of the points needed to the next level
1,000 Eggs - 5% of the points needed to the next level
1,250 Eggs - Double points and hD rewards for all treatments up to and including April 24th at 11:59 CEST

If you don't manage to collect enough eggs for the prize you want, you'll be able to buy missing eggs with Coins until April 14th, 2015 at 11:59pm CEST.

We wish you a happy Easter!

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