Alien-invasion in Sniffleton!

upnews_1348580449.pngThe aliens are among us!!! Kapi Hospital is in full alien frenzy: an alien spaceship has crash-landed in Sniffleton!
Search the debris field for precious artifacts. Until Sunday, October 14th you'll be able to uncover 5 fields per day. Collect the valuable artifacts and trade them in for great items such as the Plungeling or the UFO, which will bring you new points permanently.


Your patients have caught the facecuddler, are afflicted with the green hue or have started sporting protruding eyes?

upnews_1348580639.jpg upnews_1348580655.jpg upnews_1348580673.jpg

No need to worry, for this means you have reached level 32 already and can buy the brand-new Area51-Laboraroty at the architect's. This state-of-the-art treatment room will allow you to cure 5 new alien diseases!


Experience the alien-invasion - now on Kapi Hospital UK and Kapi Hospital US!
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