New Dino Game by upjers!

Pre-register for our latest app Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo! You'll get a special bonus when the app launches.

This is how it works: Simply pre-register for our new dinosaur app. All you need is an Android device - just tap on the "Pre-Register" button here:


As soon as the gaming app is released in your region in the Play Store, you'll get a notification. This means you won't only be one of the first people to have our new mobile game on your smartphone, you'll also get a special reward: a bundle of 50 Ammonites, the premium currency in Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo!

What's the game about? It's a fantastic adventure all around establishing a dinosaur park. Breed prehistoric animals and create a vibrant zoo with heart-meltingly adorable baby dinosaurs, and the most spectacular creatures ever to have walked this earth!

Let's go!