Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo is here – play it now!

The dinos are already waiting in the new gaming app from upjers! Get the game for your smartphone or tablet and resurrect the primeval monsters.

Walter Müller has always known it: Frozen Dinos can be found in the Antarctic ice and they can be resurrected to live again! When an expedition group returned with ice boulders, his theory was confirmed. Now you can create a dino park together with Walter Müller!



In our newest app, Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo for android devices, you are the manager of a dino zoo. Provide suitable enclosures for the dinos, the correct fodder and funny play items. You will see how content your dinos will feel even in our modern times.

Of course you can also breed the dinos and show your curious visitors the most well-known kinds like Brontosaurus or Velociraptor.

Let’s get started with your first dino enclosure! Download the app Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo from the Google Play Store now for free:

Android Download Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo

Here you can see a video:

Let's go!