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You love browser games and would like to swap news with likeminded people? You are looking for tips and tricks? You’re interested in learning detailed information about your favorite games or want to find out which topics have already been discussed in your favorite game? Then the upjers community is just the thing for you! Discover a wealth of opportunities right here. The gaming community offers you all you need to know on upjers’ games and about the games’ contents, from updates and news to important announcements. The community is the communication centerpiece of upjers’ colorful gaming world.

Gather information on our browser games, form friendships with fellow players, post your news in player-groups, share your thoughts on topics relevant to the featured games and let yourself be informed directly whenever there are news. Naturally, you can become an active part of the community yourself, too. For it’s your opinion, your feedback and your experiences in our games that matter to us. You’ve got suggestions for improvements or would like to commend us? We are looking forward to hearing your opinion! The upjers-community offers you a wide range of different ways to interact with your fellow players. Don’t have a portal-account yet? Then go sign up for free now!

By signing up on our portal, you will have full access to all community-features. The gaming community, however, as many further exciting features to offer. The community area is, for instance used, for exchanging information amongst each other. Send befriended players message or funny e-cards. MyFreeZoo, KapiHospital or MyFreeFarm – discover the colorful gaming world of upjers as well as the countless community-features revolving entirely around the topics of upjers’ games.

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The community offers you all the latest news on updates, new features, and changes. It’s right here the gaming-community of upjers gets together. Dive into the colorful game worlds, actively participate at discussions, exchange news with your fellow players, form friendships, and be among the first to find out the latest news about newly developed browser games. The upjers community doesn’t just offer you fun, games, and heaps of thrills: as soon as you’ve got a portal-account, you’ll have full access to all features of our gaming community. Send those of your friends who may not yet have heard of your favorite games funny e-cards, join one of the game groups or change your portal-settings. That, too, is possible in your portal and community area at all times.

Naturally, the portal also allows you to add new games via the section “Games” nice and easy. The upjers-portal as well and the connected community offer a large variety of opportunities. You don’t have a portal-account yet? Then sign up for free and discover the fascinating functions and features this online-community comes with. The browser games made by upjers have managed to gather millions of dedicated players worldwide. That’s why upjers’ portal as well as its free community are available in several language versions. A Dutch and a French version are among the list, just as much as a Danish, Romanian, Portuguese, or Spanish version, to name just a few languages.

It’s no wonder – browser games are, after all, a generation- and society-spanning phenomenon. Whether you are young or young at heart, student or professional, online games offer a large variety of ways of planning your free time. Isn’t it just great to be able to share your thoughts and feelings with like-minded people? That’s exactly what you can do in upjers’ gaming-community – at all times, around the clock.

A passion for browser games

You are looking for both cute and thrilling gaming experiences? Then you’ve come to just the right place! Breed cute baby animals in My Free Zoo, build your own amusement park in My Fantastic Park, develop a medieval economy in Kapi Regnum, and tend to your fields and livestock in My Free Farm. Choose an animal-avatar in Koyotl, fight monsters and other evil creatures in this unique game world inspired by Native American mythology, or grab your shovel and cultivate your own garden in Molehill Empire. upjers offer you a truly extraordinary gaming-experience directly in your browser. Start off into the colorful gaming world of strategy -, action- and tycoon-browser games.

With your upjers-portal-account, you can reach all your games easily and conveniently with just one login. Instead of having to memorize several passwords, accessing your accounts, thanks to the portal-account, is possible with just one single login. But the portal has much more to offer you than just a convenient signing in process to your games. After all, an entirely free community is awaiting you here! Subdivided into the areas Messages, Groups, E-cards, Friends, Settings and News, you’ve got a wealth of features and functions at hand here.

Send e-cards with funny motives inspired by our games to your friends, form friendships with your fellow players, join groups and discussions about your favorite games and find out the latest news. offers you a truly unique gaming community-experience. Dive into the fascinating depths of the upjers-universe. Share your enthusiasm for online games with likeminded persons and use your chance to speak your mind and give active feedback. Sign up and get involved! With only a few clicks, you’ll be able to enjoy all the advantages our community offers you.