Guild Battle Seasons

Keep your eyes on the prize - fighting is always much more interesting when there's a goal to pursue!

Today's patch will bring with it the reset of the guild battle rankings

This is necessary due to the changes being made to the guild battle system - these include the introduction of seasons - periods of time during which guilds can compete for prizes. Each season lasts 2 weeks, after which the scoreboards will be reset. Additionally, only combat actions will give Glory now.

During each season, guilds can compete against each other on the PvP map to earn Glory.
The guilds with the most glory points at the end of a season will be awarded prizes relative to their standing - special flags and banners

These are decorations that will serve as trophies and also grant popularity points for your realm - of course they can also be sold. 

The winning guilds will also be awarded Victory Points according to their season rank, which will be tallied in an all-time high scores list.

To Battle!

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Battle of Beasts
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