Battle Dragons – New Challenges Await in Undermaster

Hordes in upjers’ dungeon game can now summon and slay dragons. New feature provides epic battles with joint monster forces.
Bamberg, March 30th 2015. upjers, the popular developer and publisher of browser games, has given its dungeon game Undermaster (https://undermaster.upjers.com/en/) a new edge. Players that are allied in Hordes can now take on dragons! All battle monsters (https://en.upjers.com/undermaster) can now become dragonslayers. Because Hordes have a new challenge in the browser game: They can lure dragons to a volcano and send their best warriors into battle against the terrible wyrms. First, all of the dragon’s minions need to be cleared out – then the attack on the dragon can begin in earnest. Victory over these vile creatures grants Hordes goals and plenty of points. If a Horde realizes that they are in over their heads with a particular dragon, they can also retreat with their mercenary monsters. With this new Horde feature, upjers offers its Undermaster players an exciting new task and strengthens the bonds between Horde members. And hey: Who hasn’t dreamed of defeating a dragon?
Let's go!