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Undermaster: Questions and Answers for the Dungeon Game

Undermaster is a unique tycoon and strategy game. You create your own realm deep under the earth’s surface. Build rooms, and connect the with tunnel passages. Every room has a specific purpose and is necessary for certain monsters, so that they can rest, get stronger and work.

Little monsters have your back, doing all the work for you, so that building your own underground empire is even possible. Earth imps are responsible for hollowing out rooms and clearing out passages. They’ll do anything you ask without complaint. They’ll also mine gold and crystal veins for you to improve your coffers. Goblins will craft decorations and furniture for your dungeon, but also goods that you can sell at their workbenches.

Every monster has its own purpose that it will fulfill dutifully if given the proper accommodations. Earth imps will work anywhere in your dungeon, but need a dorm with beds to rest. Goblins need a workshop to work in, and a kitchen with food to keep up their strength.

Always make sure that your monsters want for nothing. Unhappy minions will leave your dungeon sooner or later.

To get more monsters faster, you should expand the necessary rooms. Decoration items that you place in your dungeon will also help improve your dungeon’s attractiveness, and will cause monsters to rush your way.

If there’s anything else you want to know, your questions will be answered quickly and reliably by other players in the forums.