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Easter Calendars Galore!

The countdown is on! With Easter just around the corner, many of our games have special Easter calendars counting down to the festivities!

The egg hunt is on! Plenty of exciting Easter events and calendars are starting in many of our browser games over the next few days. In this handy overview, we'll list all important events. You'll find more information in the games themselves soon. We wish you a magical and relaxing Easter and lots of fun with our events!

My Free Farm 

Your favorite fun farm game My Free Farm is pleased to unveil a wonderful Easter calendar. From Friday, April 7, until Sunday, April 16, at 11:59pm CEST, you'll be able to open a door daily. Each door has a special surprise for you - products, points power-ups, shadowbox items, Potato Dollars, Egg Paints and more! You'll find out all about the Egg Paints soon. Discover the Easter calendar in My Free Farm (click here)!

Molehill Empire 

The gnomes are also counting down to Easter with a calendar. From Friday, April 7, until Sunday, April 16, at 11:59pm CEST, you'll be able to open a door every day. These include product packages, charges for your planting helper and even carrot juice. If you miss a day, you can open it later for Coins. Be sure to collect your daily Easter surprise in Molehill Empire (click here)!


Browser game Wauies can look forward to an elaborate Easter event starting on Thursday, April 6, at 11:00am CEST. Decorate your store with traditional Easter decorations from all over the world for Pet Cash or Diamonds. Easter wagons, Easter wine and Easter cheese, the Greek Easter bread Tsoureki, daffodils and even a quirky tumbling St. Bernard await you! Each decoration you place in your store will give you Easter Eggs from time to time. Collect them and redeem them for amazing prizes before the event ends on Thursday, April 13, at 11:00am CEST. Prizes include card pieces for the Sachsengold Rabbit, Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier as well as gold boosters. Explore the world of Easter in Wauies (click here)!

My Free Zoo

Open doors on the My Free Zoo Easter Calendar and rake in superb surprises. Friday, April 7, until Sunday, April 16, at 11:59pm CEST, you can collect a daily gift from the Easter calendar. Cute Easter Bunnies, silver boosters, gold boosters and an exclusive decoration await you! What could it be? Let yourself be surprised and stop by My Free Zoo (click here)!

My Little Farmies

The My Little Farmies are celebrating with two events. During the "Egg Week", which is active from now until Tuesday, April 11, at 12:00pm CEST, chickens will lay eggs twice as fast. On top of that, customers will pay twice as much for eggs. That means 100% more eggs and 100% more profit during the event! From Friday, April 7, until Sunday, April 16, at 11:59pm CEST, you'll also be able to open a new door on the Easter Calendar every day! Get enchanting prizes including the "Festive Easter Tree", which will grant you a whopping 5,000 Easter Baskets in our upcoming event. You'll also be able to get the "Beautiful Porticullis" - this palace piece can be placed in your palace gardens. It has a 50 Gold Bar value and gives you 200 premium points every day! Visit your Farmies and let yourself be enchanted by the calendar and event (click here)


The magnificently decorated Easter Fountain on the marketplace is home to Uptasia's Easter calendar. Click on it and open a door every day, pick up daily surprises and collect Easter Eggs. The calendar can be opened from Friday, April 7, until Sunday, April 16, at 11:59pm CEST. Stop by Uptasia and collect your rewards (click here)!

My Free Circus

Ringmasters may need to wait a bit longer, but that doesn't mean their calendar will be any less spectacular. From April 11 to April 25 at 11:59pm CEST, players will be able to collect their free Easter gifts. Prizes include decorations, experience, equipment and more!

Happy Easter!

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