My Love: Make your Choice! Game Info

My Love: Make your Choice!

My Love: Make your Choice is your very own story. Your choices will determine where the story goes.

Get ready for romantic, action-packed and hilarious adventures, which you’ll experience episode by episode. New exciting books and chapters are added to this riveting story game regularly. Browse our extensive library, and you’re sure to discover the perfect interactive story for you! Start out by selecting your character and picking out an outfit. Go wild trying out different hairstyles, and find your own style. Now you’re ready to dive right into your personal adventure, meet interesting new characters, and drive the plot with your choices.

Will you remain a satisfied single, or will you flirt with all the boys and girls? Or maybe you’re just hoping to go on a romantic date with the love of your life…?

Choose your story from a multitude of visual story books and begin an exciting roleplaying game all about friendship, dating, and your first kiss. Whether you play as a love-struck high school teen or a cute mermaid – you’ll be captivated by each entrancing chapter and won’t be able to put these love stories down. Are you ready for this choices game? These are our current stories:

High School – A Survival Guide: Love and loss among teens! Together with your best friends, you’ll tackle the challenges of everyday high school life – from cheerleading practice to your first kiss!

More than Friends: Heartache and adventure await at River Heights University. Head off into your first semester and meet all sorts of interesting guys!

More than Friends 2: New semester – new love! And then you just happen to chance upon a scandal that could rock the university to its core!

Festival Summer: Party, music, and hot flirts await you at the Moonlake Festival. Aside from cute musicians, there’s also an intriguing producer…

Mermaid Undercover: You’re a mermaid falling in love with the dashing human John. You trade in your fins for feet to follow him on a luxurious cruise liner. But will your cover hold? And is he really the one for you?

Fashion Rebel: If you want to join the hottest fashion magazine in New York, you’ll first need to impress the editor in chief. But there’s not just the fashion world waiting to be conquered – there’s also the attractive editor Ethan. Not to mention that everyday editorial work can also have its pitfalls…

Make the right choices – start now by getting the My Love: Make your Choice app!