Christmas time continues on My Free Farm

To celebrate St Nicholas' Day, a truly special visitor will stop by on your farms, and the forestry poses you seasonal tasks that.

As Christmas is getting ever closer, the season's spirit keeps spreading on My Free Farm and has affected even your customers! Up until December 26th at 11:59 pm CET, you'll be able to welcome one Christmassy farmy on your farm per day. Since he's got quite a few cookies to prepare to fill all the stockings he'll come across this year, he'll be asking you for grain and eggs.

When it's could outside, and the days are getting shorter, spending your time with handicrafts is a wonderful and relaxing pastime. In your foresty, you'll now be able to carve lovely seasonal items: carve cute nutcrackers and candle arches made from spruce wood, and you'll be able to secures yourselves two great new, animated items for your shadowboxes. As soon as you have managed to produce 100 nutcrackers, and 100 candle arches, the respective achievements will be yours.

Keep enjoying our Christmas campaign on My Free Farm. For further details, take a peek at our forum announcement!

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