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My Little Farmies – Questions, Answers and Information about the Construction Game

The wheat sways gently in the breeze. Your gaze ranges across the yellow-gold fields towards the windmill. The harvest will be a good one. You'll mill the harvested wheat in the mill. You can make cakes and even beer out of the wheat flour and then sell your goods to your customers. An exciting game scenario awaits you in the browser game My Little Farmies. You can build up your own village community step by step. You develop production chains in which you convert natural raw materials into great products in order to sell them for a profit. With the game money you earn you can then expand your My Little Farmies village and enhance it. Build streets, beautify the surroundings, plant fruit trees or erect new production facilities as you level up. Experience an exceptional construction and management game with My Little Farmies : it offers you great features and functions. Do you have questions about My Little Farmies? You'll find answers and info here in the FAQ. There's so much to learn about!

  • We explain how you can find neighbors in My Little Farmies and how to become virtual friends with your fellow players. We'll also explain what advantages doing so offers you and how you can support each other.
  • Serving customers and selling goods is an important part of My Little Farmies. You'll find all the relevant info in the FAQ. We'll show you what Wonders of the World are in the game, how to get them and where you can place them.
  • In addition to agriculture there's also the issue of your very own animal breeding program in My Little Farmies. We introduce it to you. You'll find interesting tips about the various types of animals and how to breed them.
  • Expand your farm! We also present the farm extensions and show you the advantages they offer.
  • You're asking yourself how to get the valuable Gold Bars, the premium currency in the game? Read our tips and find out for yourself!

You can see that My Little Farmies offers you a colorful palette of different topics. Dive into a fantastic medieval game universe that offers you a large selection of entertaining and fascinating game worlds. The best thing is that you can play My Little Farmies completely free. In order to get started right away and start building your village community, all you need is a PC with an Internet connection and an email address. Discover My Little Farmies and let yourself be enchanted by a very special browser game that offers not only lovingly rendered graphics but also highly interesting gameplay. Get to know My Little Farmies. We wish you lots of fun with the entertaining browser game and the FAQ.

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