Browser Version of My Free Circus Now Live!

On with the show! You can now play wherever you are - be it at home at your computer or on the go on your mobile device!

Daring feats, exotic animals, culinary delights - you can now experience all the fun and excitement of the circus from the comfort of your browser! My Free Circus is now officially a cross-platform game!

If you're new to My Free Circus, you can now get started building your very own circus world, full of talented performers, adorable animals and plenty of riverting challenges. Come one, come all!

Become a ringmaster today and master multitudinous challenges! The vibrant browser game My Free Circus allows you to create your own 3D circus grounds. Manage day to day life, take care of provisions, train performers and be a creative visionary. Your goal is to entertain your audience with an unparalleled spectacle.  

If you're already a My Free Circus veteran, you can continue playing an existing account on your mobile device and add it to your Portal account as well - so you can play wherever you are. You'll find detailed instructions on how to transfer an existing account to your browser in the forums!

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My Free Circus
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