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My Fantastic Park enters the Star Trek™ Universe
This is a must for all fans of the cult series: The new „Star Trek™“ attractions in My Fantastic Park! Get yourselves the Enterprise Dock or transform Captain Picard into a Borg!

Our new "Star Trek" attractions are now available in My Fantastic Park! Their particularly elaborate animations will wow any amusement park visitor. Do you want to see the Enterprise taking off with warp speed? If that's the case, you need to get yourselves the  U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Dock. In case you wish to delight your visitors with some fight stunts, the Klingon Stunt Show is just the thing! For all Star Trek experts among you, there's also our Borg Cube who will transform Captain Picard into a Borg. In doing so, this My Fantastic Park attraction makes reference to an episode of Star Trek.

FB_enterprise_dock.jpg (520×520)

Naturally, we have added suitable decoration items to the shop which are compatible to all new „Star Trek“ attractions! Go on an exciting space mission in My Fantastic Park and enjoy our great "Star Trek" attractions: Enterprise Dock, Klingon Stunt Show and Borg Cube!

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