Magic, Spells & Monsters

You just left the school of wizardry where you studied your first spells and yet it‘s already time to go out into the world!

On your way through a stunning world filled with fearful monsters you will sharpen your mind and skills whilst learning more powerful spells.

Magic, Spells & Monsters is an enchanting turn-based magic-battle game with an innovative gesture control.

Thrilling turn-based battles

On your journey through the world you will face enemies that constantly gain strength blocking your way. But fear not – with each round-based battle you will become stronger!

Force your way through waves of enemies and explore the world!

Sophisticated Magic-System

Each spell is assigned to an element: Fire, water or earth. Study new spells and enable more options: Deal more damage, stun your enemy and heal or buff yourself.

Thanks to the amusing gesture control you can define the power and mana costs of your spells.

Learn new spells, combine them and become a master of wizardry step by step.

Like this you are able to adapt to any challenge flexibly.

Countless monster are already waiting for you!

On your journey you will meet extraordinary enemies. Dangerous tree-creatures are lurking in the forest-world but you can fight your way through with easy gestures.

But take good care: In the fire-world you will need all your magical powers to reach your goal!

Play Magic, Spells & Monsters, the magical action-adventure on your mobile now!