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Koyotl – This browser game offers you action pure!

Idyllically babbling brooks, lush green meadows, bizarre rock-formations, dark, labyrinthine caverns and areas filled with hot, liquid lava – the 3D browser game Koyotl lets you explorer a variety of different gaming areas. As animal-warrior, you compete against scary monsters and evil villains. As you start off, you first must decide whether you wish to face your opponents in the guise of a raven, badger or bear.

Prove your prowess as player on this truly extraordinary Upjers-game. As is common on action online games, this game lets you experience exciting battles and challenge your fellow players. Use potions, unique weapons and start into the big online role playing games adventure now!

07.09.2017 - 21:12:51
i like is games.

31.01.2017 - 20:34:54
I designzers21 love this game

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This 3D browser game lets you take off right away. For here, you’ll be awaited by thrilling battle-scenes, breathtaking landscapes and a captivating storyline. The big online role playing game-adventure Koyotl lets you fight against countless monsters and evil spirits. There are no action browser games quite like this one: experience the game’s unique atmosphere, explore the City of The Three Winds, fight against your fellow players, secure yourself mighty weapons and special skills, and fight your way up from level to level. The higher you level up as the game progresses, the wider the array of gaming areas you will unlock.

Get yourself an animal companion, to increase the force of your attacks when facing monsters. Gather important information for your missions from intriguing game characters, and your bravery and success will gain you points and cocoa beans. Koyotl offers you first-class browser games-entertainment – plus, the Upjers game is entirely free-to-play.

You’ve got a web-enabled PC? Then sign up today on Upjers’ game portal, and join in for free. With just a few clicks, you can start off into a truly fantastic browser games-adventure. Become a brave animal warrior, and face the browser-based games-challenges, inspired by Native American mythology, that are expecting you here.

The multifaceted online role-playing game Koyotl lets you take on the role of an animal warrior, and face a large variety of monsters in a setting that is inspired by Native American mythology. Roam landscapes pervaded by red hot lava, enter unearthly rock labyrinths, and explore peaceful forests with idyllic green meadows. But be careful! All may not be as it seems, for here in Koyotl you may be faced with a variety of different monsters at any given time.

Master games-fights against wild boars, evil spirits, and reptilians. Experience the countless creatures this truly spectacular example of action browser games made by Upjers presents you with. Before the game starts off, you’ll be able to choose your own animal-character. Decide, whether you’d like to go into battle as badger, raven or bear. Strengthen your avatar with special elemental forces, equip it with the best possible weapons, and challenge your fellow players.

Face your fellow players and defeat them: Koyotl offers you a truly adventurous storyline. Keep progressing in this game, and you’ll be able to unlock more and more gaming areas. Follow, and find out more about the captivating background story of Koyotl, by collecting pieces of a scroll, to discover which challenges are waiting for you as you level up. Koyotl offers you all the options state-of-the-art action browser games come with. Accept the challenge, and play along for free now.

You are searching for a true challenge among action browser games? Then come and experience Koyotl now. Enter a fascinating world, inspired by Native American mythology, and filled with adventures and dangers. Slip into the skin of a brave animal warrior and fight against monsters, demons, and evil spirits. Each new level will offer you additional opponents. Gather the best equipment you can find and throw yourself into thrilling battles in breathtaking settings, for the 3D browser game offers you a variety of unique landscapes.

Roam idyllic forest clearings, enter dark caves, or struggle through landscapes crossed by viscous masses of lava. Experience a browser-based online role-playing game that is unlike any others games you may have played before. Koyotl requires neither downloads nor installations. You’ve got a web-enabled PC? Then dive into Koyotl’s breathtaking hunting grounds. To sign up, you’ll need an email-address. Got one? Awesome, then you can go ahead and sign up on Koyotl’s login page, or create a free account right here on our portal. p>

The portal allows you to access all your games with just one login. Naturally this also includes the marvelous online role-playing game Koyotl. Grab your weapons, set off into an action-packed browser games-blockbuster made by Upjers, play along for free, and prove your prowess by fighting monsters and demons now.