Kick & Goal: Soccer Match

The Football Game App for Master Trainers

The last game of the season is already in overtime. Your team is just one goal away from winning the championship. It’s up to you now: tell your striker how to run and watch as his skilled pass arrive in the gap as planned. A moment of inattentiveness on the other team’s side is all it takes – the shot hits its mark in the upper right corner of the net and… GOAL!!!!!! Your team wins the game and takes the champion title.

Welcome to Kick & Goal: Soccer Match, a football game app like you’ve never seen before. You control each and every one of your players in breathtaking matches. How that’s possible? Through a turn-based system. When it’s your turn, you decide where your players will run, if they’ll pass, flank, or shoot. But beware! As a professional trainer, you need to think one step ahead of your opponent and direct your team accordingly. Kick & Goal: Soccer Match provides an unprecedented level of tactical depth, never seen before in a soccer game app.

Kick & Goal: Soccer Match: Lead your Team to Ultimate Victory

  • Start your career as a soccer trainer and manager
  • Whip your team into shape and make them winners: Accompany them from the lowest league to the top tier
  • Face off against players from all over the world in multiplayer mode
  • Assemble your team: Play to your players’ strengths when assigning positions and make sure to grant them well-deserved breaks
  • Conduct training sessions: Improve your kickers’ skills with targeted training and make them football stars!

Kick & Goal: Soccer Match lets you dive into the fascinating world of professional football. The tactical possibilities and the authentic atmosphere in this soccer game app are sure to captivate your for hours on end! Download Kick & Goal: Soccer Match now and get started in your first match!