Kapiland Tower Game Info

Kapiland Tower

Always wanted to make it to the top? Ever dreamed of becoming the CEO of your own business empire?

From Basement to Penthouse

Now it's your time: the cellars of your new empire are dug and energy production has started. Now it's your turn to make the perfect decisions to grow your factory floor by floor.

Kapiland Tower is a challenging idle game for logisticians, clicker-fans and business tycoons. You are the manager, deciding what your specialists will produce on their respective floors. You keep your eye which goods need to be produced and which products are ready to be sold on the open market.

Do you have a head for heights?

Once water and power are in, it is up to you to let your skyscraper-factory grow higher and higher. You take care of food production and keep customers supplied with consumables – a challenging task.

You don't need to study economics to be CEO of Kapiland Tower. This idle-tycoon game is easy to learn but a logistical challenge.

    • Manage different dependent production chains
    • Educate your workers and expand your factory
    • Keep supply and demand perfectly balanced
    • Endless hours of fun with your ever-bustling business
    • Challenging logistics puzzles in an enjoyable environment

Faster! Higher! Further!

Is your factory working at capacity? Keep your workers educated and your factory floors upgraded to increase efficiency. Help them to be at their best at all times!

Kapiland Tower – the Idle Factory-Management Tycoon Game

Apply now and be Kapiland Tower's next CEO.