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Kapi Hospital

Kapi Hospital – Manage your own hospital in this browser game!

It’s a popular saying that laughter is the best medicine. The whimsical hospital game Kapi Hospital, offers its players a truly unique browser game-scenario that comes with a wide array of funny features. As young doctor, it’s your task in this game to build your own hospital, equip yourself with truly extraordinary remedies, treat patients suffering from mad diseases, place different treatment rooms and explore the towns of Sniffleton and Fractureford. On top of that, you’ll face thrilling emergency operations, alien-invasions and evil MDs. Experience the exciting upjers-game and play along entirely for free.

Your Experiences
Kapi Hospital is fun and entertaining and hasn't become boring even after going on 4 years of playing this game; and I always come back to it when other online get monotonous to me. I always have it going on in the background, even if I have to re-login every 2 hours.

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Open your own hospital

The free hospital browser game

The multifaceted hospital game Kapi Hospital, produced and provided by Bamberg-based games-provider upjers, lets you take on the role of newly trained doctor. Here, you’ll treat patients suffering of the maddest diseases imaginable: bad hair day, gaulstones, two left hands, homesickness, beetle invasion, or blazing boils – as halfgod in white, no disease you are faced with in this hospital game, will scare you away. Instead, you make sure to acquire the required remedies, and start treating your patients, who are already impatiently waiting in your waiting room. Each treatment will gain you points and HospiDollars.

The play money you earn will allow you to expand your hospital step by step – for to treat your patients‘diseases, you won’t just need the matching medication, but also fitting treatments rooms, such as the tropical medicine, the nuclear medicine, or the dentistry. Experience one of the most extraordinary browser games imaginable right here on upjers.com.

The higher the amount of points you manage to earn by treating your patients, the higher you’ll level up. Each new level will unlock further strange and thrilling browser games-diseases to treat. On top of that, you’ll be able to explore the towns of Sniffleton and Fractureford. These towns will offer you various facilities – from the bank to Miss Rosewater’s gift shop. Kapi Hospital can be played entirely for free. Come discover one of the most unique browser games online!