Kapi Hospital - Where is Santa Fluff?

Ho, ho, ho! Who's that hurtling past your hospital's roof? Why, it's Santa Fluff! Quick, catch him before he leaves, and secure yourselves a load of points and presents!

Until December 26th 2013, you'll be able to spot Santa Fluff's sleigh flying over your towns' roofs.

Spotted him? Then click him, before he swooshes past, for every 20 minutes, Santa Fluff will give you the chance to win a present. If you click on Santa Fluff as soon as the countdown is expired, he will get you a special random present or will present you with a special offer. Plus, with every click on Santa Fluff, you'll get 50 points.

But that's not all we've got for you this week: during our new super-room event, you'll again have the chance to turn one of your rooms - this time, an operation room - into a super-room, an operation room V2! 

And how? Why that's a piece of Christmas cake! During the time from December 2nd 2013 at 11:00 am CET until December 14th 2013 11:59 pm CET, all players starting from level 2 have the possibility to collect Christmas thalers by treating patients in their operation rooms. As soon as you have collected 250 Christmas thalers, you can transform one of your operation rooms of your choice in the brand-new operation room V2!

Find out more in our forum or log right into your account on Kapi Hospital and catch Santa Fluff - if you can! 




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