Kapi Regnum: Christmas time, baking time!

upnews_1354004923.pngChristmas time on Kapi Regnum! Until December 24th you'll be able to collect tasty gingerbread and trade it in for status symbols that will increase your reputation!
Once more, Christmas time has come... and with Christmas time, our popular Christmas campaign has returned - with great new status symbols to win!

Open 5 free baking dishes per day and collect tasty gingerbread - you may trade in your collected goodies for tasty Christmassy status symbols and thus gain lots of reputation!
Just click on the link Christmas Campaign in the left hand menu.... Image ...and you will see the table with the already filled baking dishes.


From November 27th until December 24th, you'll be able to open 5 dishes for free each day. The gingerbread you find here will be added up every day, and you will be able to trade your gingerbread in for amazing status symbols until January 16th 2013.

Move your mouse over the table. Clicking on a dish of your choice will open it. With a bit of luck, you will find gingerbread there (per dish you can find up to 1-10 pieces of gingerbread), otherwise you will find 5 units of candied apples each as small consolation, which will be delivered to your storehouse immediately.

You can then trade in your collected gingerbread via the link "Trade in" above the table that holds your baking dishes and exchange them for three different status symbols. Of course these status symbols are extra Christmassy too, and, what's more, they will bring you lots of reputation!


We wish you a very merry and peaceful Christmas-time!

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