Idle Kingdom Clashes Game Info

Idle Kingdom Clashes

Idle Kingdom Clashes is more than your run-of-the-mill clicker game!


Manage your production lines, turn your army into a powerful troop that can pack a punch, and battle against other players in real time in this thrilling action game.


  • Build your kingdom: Expand your kingdom city by city and optimize your productions for maximum profit. Face off against dragons and sea monsters on your crusade. Innumerable challenges await with each new city 
  • Growth guaranteed: Use your resources to fully utilize your production chains. Collect fame and riches, fill your coffers and upgrade your troops.
  • Develop your own strategy: Fight action-packed battles with friends and strangers. Defeat your opponents and become the new champion!
  • Challenging League System: Rise to the top of the leagues of Idle Kingdom Clashes and get valuable prizes for your victories.
  • Long-lasting fun with MMORPG elements: Upgrade your army, unlock new troops, and improve their skills. Send them into breathtaking duels and prove your strategic skill in exciting PvP matches.
Idle Kingdom Clashes is an action strategy game that positions you as an aspiring contender for the throne. You begin in a small hovel and expand your production chain step by step to reap gold and glory. Unlock new troops and face your foes in strategic real-time battles. Become the undefeated champion of the Idle Kingdom Clashes league and hone your strategic prowess in challenging tournament match-ups. Build new cities and enjoy the perks of growing production capacities. Use upgrades to turn your units into a hard-hitting squad of mighty warriors.
Idle Kingdom Clashes – the challenging multiplayer action game!