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Idle Gaming Industry

Rake in Profits for your Gaming Company

In the tycoon app Idle Gaming Industry, you run your own game development studio and ensure its continued growth and success. Stunning in both graphics and content, this game will let you build your business from the ground up. You start off with a small room for your professionals – hire programmers to make games for you and bring in money. Functioning computers and overall cleanliness are integral to employee satisfaction in this tycoon game.

That’s why it’s important to have the right specialists to keep everything ship shape. If something breaks, the IT expert will go about the necessary repairs. Be it a coach or a game designer - everyone in the business has a special task that will maximize your profits and growth in this captivating game development simulation. And if your workers should start slacking, the project manager will motivate them to get back on task. Idle Gaming Industry is a quirky and original game development simulation chock-full of unique features, which allow you to:
  • Build a variety of rooms
  • Hire professionals in the gaming industry
  • Improve your employee’s skills
  • Intuitive touchscreen controls
  • Boss points for even more growth
If you want to continue growing and become a market leader in the gaming industry, you can trade your existing games studio for boss points and unlock great perks such as new floors, room upgrades and other exciting extras.

Happy Workers Are Productive Workers

An 8 hour work day can bring out some frustrations. One of your jobs is to make sure your staff is always happy and content. Give them a gaming room to relax in; restrooms and a break room are also important creature comforts. If these rooms aren’t attractive enough (or there at all), your employees will go home for their breaks – and valuable work time will be lost.

Manage your own Game Development Company

Discover the gaming business simulation app and play now! You can download the tycoon game app for free!