Horse 2: Pony Park Game Info

Horse 2: Pony Park

With a wavering mane your favorite stallion gallops along the riding course with its jockey and leaves more and more competitors behind. Then it reaches the finish line and the photo finish makes it clear: your tournament horse has won! You also got what it takes to become the next tournament champion – prove it now with our horse racing game Pony Park! It is a horse riding game for mobile phones in which not only the training but also the horse caretaking is in the focus.

Get your grooming brush and hoof pick and make your horse happy in this riding stables game. Use appropriate training methods to prepare your horses for the diverse competitions:

  • Gallop-racing
  • Trotting
  • Show jumping
  • Dressage

Before you send off your animals to take part in a race, you can also provide them with a horse styling: You have a variety of choices concerning hair styles and fur colors for all parts from the mane to the tail within the horse riding game app.

However, Pony Park is more than a horse simulator: In this horse racing game you actively determine the outcome! By tapping the speed button you provide your horse and jockey with a speed boost – use it wisely and nobody will be able to steal the victory from you.

Afterwards your tournament champions can simply walk around in the paddock and regain their strength.

Now you have time to take care of your animals’ needs. You even grow your own horse feed in the Pony Park app.

The riding stables game also includes an economic circle: You get water from your own reservoir – hay and oats grow on your fields. All items for the horse caretaking game are manufactured by you at a production site.

Another highlight of this mobile horse racing game is the stud station. There you breed foals by pairing up the best stallions and mares of your stables. For that you can use the most popular horse breeds –  only some of them are listed here:

  • Diverse hot- and cold-blooded breeds as well as thoroughbreds
  • Hanoverian horse
  • Frisian
  • Lipizzaner
  • Andalusian
  • Shetland ponies and many more breeds

Become the most successful breeder and trainer of the next tournament champion in Pony Park: Download the free horse riding game for your mobile phone now!