Glowing Darkness

A Captivating Puzzle Game
This brainteaser brings light into the darkness – literally. In Glowing Darkness, you’ll plunge into the depths of the ocean, far beyond the reaches of the light from above. In the pitch black, the only light source is a squid’s lone beam of light. Your task in this compelling puzzle app is to make sure the beam of light reaches a predetermined destination – mastering various obstacles in the way with helpful tools floating around the ocean’s depths. Reflect, split, color and teleport the beam of light – combine, experiment, play. Prove your problem-solving skills and experience a spectacular combination game with a multitude of features and options in Glowing Darkness:


  • Countless possibilities to divert, split or move the beam of light
  • Impressive graphics in a lovingly detailed deep sea world
  • Entertaining puzzle fun on the go
  • 130 levels with increasingly difficult brainteasers
  • A hint feature that offers tips and solutions for every puzzle
  • Various combinations that allow you to change the color of the light


Glowing Darkness – Bring Light into Puzzling Darkness

Fantastical flounders, artfully crafted mirrors, and richly ornamented teleporters – these unusual tools can help you divert, split, reflect and color a squid’s beam of light in the unique combination game Glowing Darkness. Solve tricky puzzles and guide the light through challenging and eerily beautiful levels. Over 130 levels full of brainteaser puzzles await you! Glowing Darkness presents an impressive combination game in a most extraordinary and mesmerizing setting. Combine splitters, switches, and teleporters to master levels in the darkest depths of the sea.
 Experience logic challenges and brainteasers like you’ve never experienced before in the chilling darkness of the ocean’s lonely chasms and crevices. Prove your puzzling skills and illuminate the dark with beams of colorful light in Glowing Darkness, as you push the limits of combination game adventures. Get the app in the Google Play Store or App Store today, and dive into the depths of the ocean to bring light into the cold darkness. Explore this exceptional puzzle and combination game and leave the daylight behind!