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You enjoy versatile and action-packed browser games? Then the genre of action games is just the right thing for you. The portfolio of Bamberg-based publishers upjers includes quite a few action browser games. The category “Action” here on offers you an overview as well as brief descriptions of all our action games. And, what’s more, you’ve got various scenarios to choose from: from Koyotl, the 3D role-playing game inspired by Native American Mythology that lets you take on the role of brave tribal warrior and choose your own avatar, to junkyard owner in GarbageGarage.

Decide for yourselves whether you’d rather go to battle in the guise of a tough badger, brave bear or cunning raven, and choose your avatar’s character. Hard-boiled, courageous, or purposeful – the choice is yours. As part of our online action games, Koyotl offers you a number of great features, functions and impressions. Starting with the impressive 3D-setting – you will, for instance, roam idyllic forests and meadows, just as much as dark caves and volcanic landscapes – to the gruesome monsters.

Face up to reptilian warriors, wild boars, ghosts, and Co. Use potions to regain your strength, and bravely face the challenges this action game presents you with. Pick up and combine items, supply yourselves with the best equipment you can get in the City of Three Winds or compete against your fellow players from all over the world by dueling them in the arena. Koyotl offers you true online action with a large variety of facets. Experience the browser based adventure game, enter Koyotl’s hunting grounds, and play along for free now. Pure online action is awaiting you!

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Thrills, adrenaline-rushes and unexpected twists and turns – Action browser games are filled to the brim with exciting features. Experience nerve-racking stories, dive into fantastical worlds, and brave the challenges these games confront you with. Bamberg-based games publishers and producers upjers offer you a variety of entertaining online action games.

upjers’ game portal offers you a colorful range of action browser games: depending on the game, you’ll have to brave nerve-racking challenges, and complete a variety of different tasks. Your avatar enables you to dive into the adventure head-first. The higher your level, the larger, the array of features at your hand. New equipment, weapons, armament, new areas, powerful opponents, and a story that keeps developing as you play along: you’ll find all of this, and much more, in our entertaining online action browser games.

The basic features of online action games will be introduced to you right at the beginning. After a brief introduction, you’re ready to go. Prove your dexterity and cleverness in combat-situations, and bear your character’s values in mind. What are your weapons’ and armor’s distinguishing characteristics, do you have ample means to regenerate your avatar after an enemy’s attack, and is it possible to join forces with fellow players? Action-games contain a variety of exciting game-features that allow you to act tactically, and to strategically plan ahead. How you act in our action games, is entirely up to you – be it according to a long-term strategy, or short-term decisions.

Experience the amazing scenarios upjers’ action browser games offer you, and join in for free. Your upjers portal account allows you access to all our games.

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You’ll find news, information, screenshots, as well as tips and tricks to all action browser games made by upjers right here on our portal. The category Action, which you’ll find in the top menu bar, contains all our online action games. All you need to do is click the “proceed” button next to the respective game, and you’ll have access to all information, the latest news, as well as images and videos that show you each game’s features, as well as the actions you’ll be able to make. That way, you’ll always be kept up-do-date with the latest developments.

After all, many of upjers’ games offer you regular updates and patches that improve and expand the games’ many features and functions. In case of action games, for instance, this might be the introduction of new weapons or gaming areas. Another factor that makes action browser games so attractive is that they allow you to cooperate with your fellow players.

Thus, you’ll be able to join forces with your fellow players, and solve common tasks. Naturally, you’ll also be able compete against your fellow players, and challenge them to a fight. All of these forms of interaction add to the attractiveness of online action games.