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Free Aqua Zoo – The entertaining aqua game

Play fish games online! The colorful aquarium game Free Aqua Zoo lets you cast your fishing rod. On this aquarium game, it’s your goal to catch precious fish in the nearby lakes, which you’ll then raise in your own aquarium. FreeAquaZoo is an extraordinarily fun-to-play aquarium browser game that offers you pure online entertainment.

Experience the many whimsically exotic fish this aqua game abounds with. Depending on your level, you’ll be able to catch more and more unusual specimen. Fiery fin, botox pam or sausage fish – dive into the humorous world of Upjers’ extraordinary fish game and experience the truly unique underwater scenario of this browser game.

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Un-be-lievable! Another fish has managed to slip away! And you had picked just the perfect spot to cast your fishing line: you had clearly seen the shadows of the fish passing by underneath the lake’s surface. One of them even got hooked – a pretty big one, too! But it seems anticipation made you careless: you reeled in your fishing line this aquarium browser game provides you with much too fast.

The consequence: the fish managed to break free. Now here you are, sitting in your boat, choosing new bait, planning to try your luck once again. The funny aqua game Free Aqua Zoo enables you to catch a variety of exotic fish in the nearby lakes.

As the game progresses, you’ll have more and more areas at hand. Additionally, you’ll be able to unlock new areas in your hometown Seaford and the neighboring town of Seaville. Discover a unique fishing and aquarium game: all of the fish you catch in this game can be placed in your aquariums. Here, you’ll be able to cuddle, poke, feed, and level them up. Experience the many exciting areas in one of the most enticing browser games out there!

Visit the shop and buy a variety of different bait, as well as colorful, animated backdrops to spice up your aquariums. Additionally, you’ll be able to teach your FreeAquaZoo-fish cool tricks. You’ve never seen a fish that’s able to swim a looping? Then stop by on Free Aqua Zoo to witness this extraordinary feat! Or would you like to breed cute baby fish instead? That, too, is possible here. Join in for free now, or discover further free browser games under the category Games! The fascinating aquarium game world of FreeAquaZoo is expecting you!

Why, what colorful fish have we got here? The multifaceted aqua game Free Aqua Zoo lets you catch what may be the oddest and most unique fish you’ll be able to find on your browser. Cast the line, lure the fish with special bait, catch the aquatic animals, and place them in your aquarium afterward. Here, you’ll be able to tend to their needs, feed, poke, cuddle and level them up. Form friendships with your fellow players, complete entertaining quests, and offer your fish for sale on the market place. The market place enables you to earn quite a few so-called aqua-dollars, especially if you offer particularly or high-level fish. But of course you’ll be able to make the odd bargain yourself as well!

Join in and play along for free, and experience the impressive setting of one of the most exceptional browser games out there. A one of a kind aquarium browser game with many diverse areas and amazing features is awaiting you. Deck out your fish tanks with great backgrounds – from the classic London skyline to a Pharaoh’s grave in ancient Egypt. Experience FreeAquaZoo, the entertaining browser game made by Upjers. What’s even better: the fun fish-game can be played entirely for free. You want to join in and start fishing along? Then all you need to do is open a free account and join in. Experience a large variety of exciting games right here on our portal!

The game guide teaches you all you need to know about your aquariums. Dive right into the middle of the game, and with a bit of luck, training, and skill, you’ll be reeling in your first fish in no time. Get to know Botox Pam and the Taco of the Sea. What kind of fish are these? Find out for yourselves, and play along for free now. Prove you are a true fishing and aquarium game specialist!

You are looking for an aquarium browser game, loaded with fun, action, and entertainment? Well, then you’ve found just the right game: for Free Aqua Zoo, the multifaceted aqua game enables you to own your very own virtual aquarium. Visit one of the nearby lakes, and cast your line. With tasty bait you try to get the fish to bite. But the cuties are quite clever. They tend to take the bait, but it takes a bit of skill to make sure they’ll remain on the hook as you draw in the line. If you pull too fast, the fish will be able to get away – same if you reel it in too slowly. But no worries: practice makes perfect, and you’ll surely get the hang of it soon.

Get started on FreeAquaZoo now: it is truly one of the most remarkable fish browser games out there, and offers you a multitude of different functions and features: an underwater-world with funny and whacky fish is expecting you. From tanker tuna to fiery fin, you’ll be sure to meet a variety of new underwater creatures in the different lakes. Discover the towns of Fishford and Seaville with their vast array of options. Clean your aquarium regularly, and decorate it. Of course you’ll also be able to enlarge your fish tank.

Or would you rather like to breed cute baby fish? That, too, is possible here. With Free Aqua Zoo, Upjers offers you one of the most entertaining fish browser games online. The game is playable for free – directly in your browser: no downloads or installations required! Sign up for free today, and prove your prowess as fisher! Discover the many different areas and functions, form friendships with your fellow players, and simply have a great time!