Fight Die Repeat

Experience the Fantastic Action RPG App

Are you ready for the battle of your life? Become a hero now in the extraordinary action RPG app "Fight Die Repeat!" Slip into the role of a courageous warrior. Toss back your luxurious golden mane, strap on your headband, tighten your belt, grab your weapon and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Fight horrific monsters, collect valuable resources and use the magical book of crafting to make hard-hitting weapons. Try to survive as long as you can – because once you face your inevitable death, you'll start over at level one, albeit with a bit more experience.

"Fight Die Repeat" provides an entertaining mix of crafting app and clicker app elements. Dive into a fantastic world and discover all the amazing things that await you. These include:

  • fast-paced battles against hordes of gnarly monsters – from rats to devious Vlok
  • expansive crafting app features that allow you to turn resources into magnificent weapons
  • an impressive selection of weapons to craft. Daggers, short swords, axes and more are within your reach in this action RPG app
  • endless clicker app fun without waits or delays
  • increased experience values after every death of your virtual hero
  • protective spells, healing potions and battle companions which will aid you in your journey
  • an entertaining action RPG app which is playable offline and provides captivating crafting app challenges
  • intuitive clicker app controls in an aesthetically pleasing fantasy setting

Fight Die Repeat – The Action Adventure Begins!

Prove your skill in battle and put your courage to the test. Jump right into the fantastic action RPG app adventure "Fight Die Repeat." Fight dark creatures. Experience the unusual blend of clicker app and crafting app. Start over after each virtual death and doggedly battle your way through the levels. Download “Fight Die Repeat” now and begin your action adventure today!