Farmy Farm

Grow, Harvest, Expand!
Prove your skill as an expert gardener and experience Farmy Farm today. This garden app offers you a visually appealing and fulfilling game experience. You’ll start out with a little field, on which you can start planting a handful of tomato seeds. As soon as the fruits are ripe, you can harvest them and keep them in a little basket, from which you can sell them to customers and earn gold coins. You can see what the little people visiting your farm want to buy by looking at the thought bubbles over their heads. The more farm products you sell to your customers, the more coins you’ll earn. With these, you can unlock additional fields, storage for your harvest, and new game areas. Of course, you can also send customers away. In Farmy Farm, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a unique garden game concept with countless customization options, features, and activities. These include:

  • Growing various crops
  • Keeping adorable animals such as chickens and goats
  • Producing a wide range of farm-fresh produce
  • An increasing pace to the game
  • Cute cartoon graphics
  • Intuitive touchscreen controls
  • Long-lasting fun


Farmy Farm –  A Garden App for Farmers on the move

Mozzarella, Carrot Bread and Flatbread – these are only some of the great farm products you’ll be able to make in Farmy Farm. In this garden game, you’ll slip into the role of a farmer managing a small, environmentally conscious farm. You’ll cultivate fields, keep animals, and produce some very special products. Combine goat’s milk with tomatoes to make a delicious mozzarella. Touchscreen controls will allow you to visit various parts of your farm. The garden app may start out small at a comfortable pace, but soon it’ll become a fast-paced challenge!

Off to the Garden!

Discover the amazing garden game opportunities in Farmy Farm and play now! Download the garden app for free!