Elements vs. Monsters

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This game is an avalanche of action! In Elements vs. Monsters you will fight an onslaught of gruesome monsters with the help of the four elements – fire, water, earth, and air. Shoot elemental fragments at vile creatures to destroy them. Get the elements app for your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device now. Launch into an amazing adventure and prove your skills in battle.

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…And there they are, rushing towards you! They’re slimy, diabolical, and very, very hungry. In Elements vs. Monsters, countless monstrous assaults await you. Your goal is to fend off these ravenous creatures – after all, these creepy attackers want to destroy your elements! In the game, you control four different elements: water, fire, earth, and air. They will stand their ground at the left side of the playing field. Your elements will wait for incoming monsters and shoot them down with elemental fragments – it’s the only way to efficiently fight and destroy these monsters. However, your elements can’t just hurl projectiles at their foes non-stop; they are bound by a reloading time. This means it takes a while before the next shot can be fired – this delay creates nail-biting suspense and excitement in the game. The higher up you level, the more options you’ll have to fine-tune your attacks and defenses. For instance, you can reduce the cooldown between shots, allowing you to significantly increase your elements’ shot rate. And of course you can fortify their defenses and increase their health pool.

Discover the Extraordinary Monster Game

Elements vs. Monsters is free – all you need to play is the element app itself. As soon as you’ve downloaded it for free on your iPhone, you can jump into the fray and battle monsters. Develop your own strategy to play element games efficiently and successfully. Fend off monsters and save water, fire, earth, and air from being run over – because as soon as one of your elements is defeated, you will lose the encounter. One frequently asked question is “How can I use my elements most efficiently when playing?” Generally, your elements all have the same amount of firepower. By default, each element has the same shot power. So it makes sense to use your attacks where the monster onslaught is currently the heaviest. Since playing is free, you can repeat levels you haven’t yet completed as often as you want, trying out new strategies every time.

Let the Monster Assault Begin!

If you want to discover monster games free, the upjers app Elements vs. Monsters is the game for you! Fend off attacking monsters with the help of the four elements: fire, water, earth, and air. Shoot elemental fragments and annihilate these vile creatures before they devour your elements. Collect points and improve your elements’ abilities. Get the game in the App Store or Google Play Store now!