English, Dark Gnome, do you speak it?!

Pixel action adventure Dark Gnome now available in English

It has been some time since the first dwarfs in their quest to conquer the world left their mines and made it to the surface. Things have changed, they adapted and as the dwarfs keep saying „Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu!“

But because nobody properly understands them, they started to learn the languages of humankind – now they mastered a language we humans call „English“. So now, a year after their first emergence, Dark Gnome is finally available in three main languages: German, Polish and now English.

Dark Gnome is an exciting new action-adventure game with various solo and guild activities, challenging fights and lots and lots of dark humor,

Gather a group of dwarven friends, rescue fellow fighters and defeat the menaces threatening the dwarfen life-style.

Join the dwarfen army now and participate in exciting adventures above and below ground!

Dark Gnome
Let's go!