Construction Hero Game Info

Construction Hero

Be the boss on the construction site in the construction simulator Construction Hero.

Freshly founded, your construction company already has the first contract.

Luckily, your workers are up to snuff. In no time at all, a few cubic meters of soil are shoveled away, the pit is covered up, and the concrete has dried: Aunt Erna’s garden pond is done. Back at the yard, your mechanics get to work on whipping your vehicles into shape: Thorough cleaning, a quick refuel, and any necessary repairs.

Play your Way to the Top

Construction Hero is a simulation of a true construction company: Over time, you’ll get more and more production buildings, and contracts begin to challenge you more. Resources need to be managed carefully, and new contracts reeled in with care.

This building game puts your logistics skills to the test:

  • A myriad from projects from building ponds to true construction challenges
  • Manage your contracts and construction supplies
  • Discover a large selection of specialized vehicles and construction machines, such as excavators, cranes, and forklifts
  • Face a variety of tasks with masons, painters, and landscapers

Construction Hero lets you be a construction magnate in a captivating building game. Are you up to the challenges of this construction simulator?

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