Cat Safari 2 Game Info

Cat Safari 2

The Fur-tastic Cat App
Meow! Experience the wonderful world of Cat Safari, where there's no shortage of cats! Big cats, small cats, fuzzy cats – breed a wide variety of adorable kitties, but in an unconventional fashion. Fuse cats of the same type to magically create new breeds. Open crates to get your kitties, then drag them together to fuse them into something completely new!

Cat Evolution

Take evolution into your own hands in Cat Safari, a cat game with a truly unique game concept. Explore the lush meadows that make up this cat app's beautiful backdrop, as crates mysteriously appear. Free the cats inside and combine like specimens into enchanting new felines for your fields. CatSafari offers intuitive game controls – cats can be fused by a simple swiping motion on your smartphone, tablet, iPhone or iPad. The idea is simple, but countless features and options guarantee long-lasting feline fun:

  • Many great breeds of cats, yours for the fusing! From simple house cats over exotic breeds to ferocious predators
  • Entertaining and adorable animal graphics and animations
  • Ingame money earned by selling cats to virtual customers
  • New cat game challenges
  • Captivating gameplay, an original game concept and a very special setting

Fun for Four Paws

They're small, they're cuddly, and they can be combined into even more adorable kitties! You'll start off in Cat Safari breeding simple cats by combining them in ways only possible in a cat app. The more you progress in this delightful cat game, the more impressive the resulting felines will be. Eventually, you'll even end up with ferocious big cats – from lions and tigers to leopards and lynxes. Give it a try!

Download Cat Safari

Now you can get CatSafari for your smartphone, tablet, iPad or iPhone for free! Set the evolution of your cats into motion and experience an extraordinary cat app! Let's go!