Bubble Vet – Pet Clinic Game Info

Bubble Vet – Pet Clinic

Tackle the Bubble Shooter App on four paws

Do you dream about becoming a veterinarian and do you have great “bubble shooting” skills? Then you will LOVE this bubble game! Bubble Vet – Pet Clinic combines bubble shooter fun and construction game with house renovation. Your character, Dr. Cassie, inherits an animal clinic and now faces the challenge of turning it into a successful hospital for pets.

Hunt the colorful bubbles

This veterinarian game is all about adorable four-legged friends and exciting bubble shooter matches. Bubbles have different colors and are stuck on the game board. It’s your task to remove a certain number of a color. The length of your combos also counts: How many game moves can you make in a row?

But be careful: Once in a while you’ll also encounter blockers, which prevent bubbles from falling down! In that case you should first destroy the neighboring bubbles to destroy such bubbles.

Boosters like the hammer are also helpful in this bubble game. It destroys selected bubbles to enable you to make even longer combos. Other power ups help you by changing the color of certain bubbles on the game board for achieving longer combos.

Use your boosters wisely and you will be able to shoot bubbles until you drop and need medical assistance – or rather: a veterinarian!

Hospital Renovation with a catch or rather fetch

Each successfully completed level will give you bubble game stars. Those will help you uncover the background story about the veterinarian Dr. Cassie. She will soon get a four-legged companion: the stray Nepomuk.

But of course this isn’t the only dog in this bubble game. As in any good animal clinic, before long numerous animalistic patients come to the hospital and look for help.

To make sure all pets receive an optimal treatment, you should always keep your veterinarian clinic up to date. Each animal has its own little aches and pains and needs adequate care. Dr. Cassie – just like any other doctor – has her hands full. Help her by unlocking new rewards and to renovate the animal clinic bit by bit. Not only the equipment of the doctor, but also the domestic premises of veterinarian Dr. Cassie will be renewed.

A Heart for Veterinarians

Besides all the bubble shooting and the house renovation there still has to be time for some romance. There are a lot of interesting persons living in the neighborhood of the animal clinic and all of them will get in contact with Dr. Cassie in the story line of the bubble game. An old love, a new flirt, or maybe a secret admirer? The veterinarian’s private life also provides some suspense.

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