Bubble Animals – Puzzle Pop Game Info

Bubble Animals – Puzzle Pop

Your Bubble Shooter Puzzle Game

Do you love match three puzzle apps, where you have to connect bubbles of the same color too? Bubble Animals – Puzzle Pop puts a whole new spin on the ever-popular bubble shooter games! Your goal in this addicting puzzle game is to burst various elements in order of their numbers.

Do you think you have what it takes to pop the numbered and moving elements with the ball? It’s not just any old ball – it takes the shape of a cute animal and starts out with the number one. The number on it increases with every object you hit, allowing you to hit elements with much higher values.

Score the perfect hit and rake in all the stars for the completed levels. The stars you earn will allow you to customize your ball with a myriad of exciting skins. Cute pets like cats and corgis are only the beginning – magical creatures even grant you additional skills.

  • The pudgy panda lets you hurl not one, but two balls across the playing field
  • The might bear breaks through all elements
  • The cute chick is especially resilient and can bounce off the floor again once per shot

These and many other animals with special skills will accompany you and help you get ahead in this interactive bubble shooter puzzle game.

You Won’t Get Bored in Bubble Animals – Puzzle Pop

Bubble Animals – Puzzle Pops lets you enjoy countless of perks and infinite fun! There are no time limits. There’s no need to wait for lives to refill. If you have a bonus animal with additional exclusive skills, you’ll clean the board much more quickly and rake in the stars. Play exciting puzzle levels or prove your skill in endless mode. No matter which bubble shooter variety you play, long-lasting fun with a dynamic playing field and a veritable menagerie of animals is guaranteed in this bubble pop puzzle app!


Can you destroy all the blocks?

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