Berlin Mystery: Text Adventure Game Info

Berlin Mystery: Text Adventure

The day was going great… then your father texts you ranting about the contractors that have blocked his garage. And if that wasn’t enough, your ex accuses you of being involved in the disappearance of her son…

Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, your best friend messages you: “Hey, I need your help!”

What starts off as a harmless conversation quickly expands into a nail-biting thriller over the course of a captivating text adventure full of daring exploits, perilous situations, and well-kept secrets.

A Treasure in the Berlin Underworld?

Somewhere in the tunnels and passages below Berlin there’s a long-lost treasure – and a good friend that doesn’t want to listen to you and recklessly embarks ob an odyssey to uncover secrets believed long lost.

Berlin Mystery is an interactive game that unfolds in a chat narrative and plunges you into a world full of riddles and puzzles. A series of conversations between you and your friends and family, as well as a cast of strangers, reveals the tale of your friend Ari and her hunt for the treasures in the decommissioned Berlin U-Bahn tunnels.

Your reactions guide the course of the story and determine how it ends.

An Interactive Detective Story as a Chat Game

  • Interactive storytelling designed by a German author
  • Riveting detective adventure in a chat messenger
  • Exciting minigames reveal key story details
  • Lifelike and (un)likeable characters

Download now and go treasure hunting with Ari!