Winter is Coming!

While the hot July weather dominates our world, winter has taken over the lands of Battle of Beasts. Only the most veteran players will be able to venture forth and brave these new challenges!

A cold wind is picking up - as icy snows sweep the lands, reports of unusually vicious and powerful monsters invading countries have reached your realm...

New challenges await on the campaign map. In Winter Mode, the most experienced veteran players will be able to test their skills against new ferocious foes. 

Defeating the final boss in Ignizor will allow players to play in Winter Mode - the monsters here are fierce, starting at roughly level 70. Conquering the winter versions of countries will grant new bonuses and tributes, independent from the normal campaign. Your position in the map is also saved independently in both regions. You can access winter mode via the button in the bottom right corner:

Go forth, brave adventurers!

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