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Battle of Beasts FAQs

In the FAQ area you’ll find some frequently asked questions and their answers.

You like dangerous monsters and epic battles? Then Battle of Beasts with its dark, medieval setting is the right game for you! Here, you’ll lord over your own fortress and keep a fearsome horde of beasts. You will tame and train your own monsters for ruthless military campaigns, in which you will conquer hostile territories. Expand your rule!

Everything you need to know about registering:

  • You can register for Battle of Beasts free and become a might ruler of monsters and men. All you need is a valid e-mail address. You don’t need to buy or download the game – just register and you can get started immediately!
  • You already registered and played a bit, but now you’re experiencing trouble logging in? If you can’t log in with the correct account info, contact our upjers support!
  • You have friends that share your passion for monsters and battle, and would like to play Battle of Beasts as well? We have a special tip for you: Invite your friends via your friend list ingame by entering their e-mail address.

If other members of your household are playing on the same server, you should note that you are not allowed to trade amongst yourselves. Only trade card pieces with friends that don’t share your internet connection.

If a friend visiting you also plays Battle of Beasts, of course they can log into their account and take care of their monsters while they’re there. But you still won’t be allowed to trade with each other during this time. Wait 14 days after sharing an internet connection to begin trading with each other again.

You’ve caught the monster fever and are hopelessly lost? Then register for Battle of Beasts and play now!